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Metaverse is shaping our concept of โ€œselfโ€ on the Internet. This version of โ€œselfโ€ is the new type of consumer. They wear NFT profile pictures, shop virtual clothes on RTFKT, socialize in Horizon Worlds, buy 3D real estate on The Sandbox, and game accessories on Axie Infinity.

Therefore, new kinds of creator economies are being created. Metaverse startups exist to bring together brands, creators, and fans to play, work and collaborate on a whole new level.ย 

As the metaverse market approaches $678.8 billion by 2030, weโ€™ll break down the top METAVERSE trends: what emerging trends are on the rise, how they differentiate, monetize, and what are the next big opportunities.

1. Top Metaverse & Web3 Trends

(1) Rise of AR/VR e-commerce tools:

  • Online shopping is becoming more experiential. Companies build solutions to help merchants create AR content and boost sales revenue.ย 
  • Snapโ€™s AR offers tools that allow shoppers to visualize, try on, and experience products before buying them.
  • Obsess helps brands create HD-quality mobile AR shopping experiences.
  • Threekit allows online brands to offer real-time 3D configuration for shoppers.
  • Cappasity offers interactive 3D views and 4K-quality virtual try-on solutions that can be integrated into web/mobile apps.
  • 8th Wall helps brands to create interactive AR content without any coding.

(2) Cyber clothing & digital fashion:

  • The avatar economy continues to give rise to the avatar lifestyle. People are buying โ€œdigital clothesโ€ to customize their attire and showcase their style in the metaverse. Startups make fashion ownable, tradable, and wearable in the virtual world. Fashions are becoming NFT-enabled.ย 
  • MetaFactory builds apparel in the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Tribute Bran produces high-end fashion for the metaverse.
  • The Fabricant Studio helps fashion creators create & sell digital clothes.
  • NIKE acquired RTFKT, a developer for virtual sneakers and digital collectibles.

(3) Anyone can build in the metaverse:

  • No-code tools for the virtual worlds are popping up. Companies are helping non-technical people to create metaverse content without any coding and design skills needed.
  • Unreal Engine lets you create real-time, advanced and immersive 3D content.
  • Yahaha Studio lets you make 3D games and publish them without coding.
  • GMetriXR is a no-code toolkit to create, publish and track quality Metaverse apps.
  • Kinetix Tech helps you create and share 3D animations in the metaverse.


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2. Database: 106 Metaverse & Web3 Tools

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Metaverse Web3 Trends


3. Problems & Market Needs

(1) Lower technical barriers:

  • Metaverse consists of technical layers (e.g. blockchain, NFTs, AR/VR) that intimidate newcomers who are non-developers and non-designers.ย 
  • Companies are helping non-technical individuals to create, publish and share metaverse content easily.
  • PlugXR and UniteAR helps you create and publish AR/VR apps across WebAR, Android, and iOS.
  • Unity and Buildbox allows you to make 3D games without coding experience.
  • Bunzz and Forkchain lets you create blockchain apps without writing any code.

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4. Next big things + new opportunities

(1) Metaverse for the future of work:

  • HR will witness more metaverse application in talent management, onboarding, collaboration and employee engagement. Metaverse enterprise solutions will pop up in the space.
  • Collaboration: Already companies like Metaโ€™s Horizon Workrooms and Microsoftโ€™s Mesh are ushering in the adoption of virtual reality for meetings.
  • Engagement: Quidli improves employees motivation and engagement through sharing crypto rewards in remote work environment.
  • Team Building: Coordinape helps organizations foster belonging and culture through proof-of-contribution rewards.
  • Metaverse interview: using digital avatars in job interviews can promote inclusivity, and remove judgment and discrimination in Zoom interview process.

(2) Shopify 3.0 for Web3 shopping:

  • NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and NBA Top Shot are driving the adoption of Web3.0 commerce. Online shopping is already entering the Web 3.0 space.ย 
  • Decentralized commerce solutions will become mainstream. Tools to build the future of e-commerce are required. The next-generation e-commerce platform will empower brands to create, distribute and sell in the metaverse ecosystem.ย 
  • New startups could build the Shopify for Web3.0. Provide no-code website templates, drag-and-drop builders, smart contract generation, and built-in payment tools.
  • Gorilla Shops is a great example. It allows you to set up an NFT store on the NEAR blockchain ecosystem. Creators and enterprise users can mint, sell and manage their NFT inventories without code.

(3) Demand for metaverse talents will explode:

  • Today, companies are dipping their toes in the metaverse. Finding skilled designers, engineers, and marketers to deliver exceptional metaverse projects will be high in demand.
  • The supply and demand gap exists. For one, there arenโ€™t many Web3 specialists available on the existing talent search engines. New solutions are needed to connect talents with vendors, democratize industry knowledge, and help newcomers to break into metaverse careers.
  • Metaverse job boards: Humans, Remote3, Web3 Jobs, Cryptocurrency Jobs
  • Web3 talent marketplace: UPWorlds helps brands hire virtual estate creators through its curated expert marketplace.
  • Career EdTech: There could solutions like Codementor, CareerKarma, or ADPList focusing on metaverse careers.ย 

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5. How to build for the metaverse & Web3 creators?

(1) Identify the types of creators/fans youโ€™re targeting:

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